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Picker Service

Picker Services in Northern Alberta & NE British Columbia

We offer a range of Picker Trucks with experienced operators to service our clients needs in the drilling,completions and plant site maintenance needs. For more information, get in touch with us now. Our team serves customers in around Northern Alberta & NE British Columbia.

Our Picker Services:

We offer the following services to assist our clients:

  • Tandem lifts

  • 45-ton picker with over 100’ of reach

  • Highboy trailer

  • Man basket and spreader bar

Tandem Lifts

Whether you are in need of tandem lifts for your construction project or are looking for pickers for your agricultural needs, we are here for you. At Platinum North Resources, we offer a range of pickers and lifts on rent at affordable prices. Before we undertake any project, our team will draft a detailed lifting plan to ensure that the lift will be completed safely.


We understand that overload or sideload can be disastrous. We take in a range of factors into consideration and provide you with safe and quality services. In addition to pickers, we also offer highboy trailers, man baskets and spreader bars.

Picker Services

We offer picker services for construction and agricultural projects.

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